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Quentin Wheeler is the 4th president of the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry

The Dirt on Agricultural Choices

David Montgomery of the University of Washington argues that the path to feeding the world lies in being attentive to the quality of our soils and following practices that renew their fertility. He debunks three myths about agriculture: that large-scale … Continue reading

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Truth Seeking and Freedom of Expression

I have signed the March 14, 2017 statement authored by Professors Cornel West and Robert George, issued by the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University. In light of the growing frequency with which speakers on … Continue reading

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Biography of a tree

Peter Crane’s ‘biography’ of the Ginkgo, and the responses to it from around the country and world, are a reminder of how much there is to learn from and appreciate about a single species of tree.  And the Ginkgo is … Continue reading

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Species sense, bionomy, and sustainability

KD Dijkstra’s thought-provoking essay in Nature (citation below) is well-worth a read.  He argues that we — and most alarmingly, most professional biologists — have lost ‘species sense,’ focusing instead on functional aspects of life and the biosphere.  He describes biodiversity … Continue reading

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Living energy

“The tree is a living being, it is alive, like us, and maybe that makes it more meaningful to write on than dead paper.  The living energy of the sap will continue to flow around these shared words.” — Rebecca … Continue reading

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From Eocene to Obscene

Studies of climate change in the Eocene are instructive regarding the kinds of changes driven by atmospheric CO2 levels.  Those who take comfort in the fact that the climate has always changed — and it has — are clinging to … Continue reading

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Superhighway to zero emissions?

In a late January edition of The Conversation, NOAA scientist Christopher Clack shares results from the National Energy with Weather System (NEWS) simulator that suggest how high-voltage direct current lines, integrated into a transmission network rather than simply point to … Continue reading

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