Alternative Energy Upstart

I am pleased to announce that ESF has signed an agreement with an innovative Syracuse alternative energy company that will become our flagship UpstartNY enterprise partnership. The new company, Pampered Planet, is the brainchild of ESF alumnus Fullerton O. Vitt ’06, better known to his fellow stumpies as “Fullo”, who claims to have a strategy to simultaneously address transportation energy needs and the challenge of overburdened landfills. The primary PP product is a micro-incinerator that can be adapted to retrofit any internal combustion engine to burn disposable diapers and generate sufficient energy to maintain typical in-city speeds. A current ESF engineering student, N. Ifkin, and long-time friend of Mr. Vitt said that as soon as he read about the invention he knew that it had to be Fullo Vitt. “After years of trying to stem population growth, I figured don’t fight it, use it. Every dirty diaper into the landfill is a wasted opportunity.” Mr. Vitt said of his plan to positively correlate energy supply with burgeoning numbers of people. He said that complaints about odor are overstated and “a bunch of crap,” just like this April fools blog.



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Quentin Wheeler is the 4th president of the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry
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